Early Detection of Diabetic Neuropathy and Use of Biothesiometer

What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic Neuropathy– Have you heard about this term earlier? Well! If not, it’s a nerve disease or damage that most probably 60-70 percent of diabetic patients possess. Neuropathy is a severe and progressive condition that means it tends to get the worst time and again if left untreated. This nerve disease or damage can reach a point where nothing can be done. Hence, early detection and treatment of peripheral neuropathy is necessary to get productive results.

Now, most of the diabetic patients would be inquisitive to know – Why diabetic people only suffer from neuropathy? Reason being the damage to delicate nerve fiber only occurs when you have prolonged exposure to high blood sugar level. High blood sugar cause hindrance to the ability of the nerves to transmit their signals thereby causing weakness to the walls of the small blood vessel that supplies the nerves oxygens and essential nutrients.

Why early detection of Neuropathy is important?

According to the researchers, amputation in diabetic people has abruptly decreased due to early detection and managing risk factor of diabetic neuropathy. The Healthcare Professionals and many quality neuropathy biothesiometer are accurate at finding and monitoring diabetic neuropathy. In case of delay in the detection of neuropathy, there are more chances of amputation. Therefore, it is mandatory that if you are a diabetic patient, go for check-ups regularly or purchase a diabetic neuropathy biothesiometer that can help in early detection of diabetic neuropathy and save you from further loss and pain. Early detection helps in slowing down the progression of any type of neuropathy. 

What is a Diabetic Neuropathy Biothesiometer?

Diabetic Biothesiometer is an instrument designed to measure simply and accurately the threshold of appreciation of vibration in human subjects. The Biothesiometer is used as a research device in many neurological diseases.

What Makes Diabetic Neuropathy Biothesiometer Great for early Detection?

All types of nerves remain associated with various kinds of sensory signals beginning from the temperature of the body, sensations, and vibrations, diverse nerves are set for different objectives. Thus, in case of nerve damage (i.e – especially in the case of neuropathy), they can’t transmit signals as effectively as they are supposed to. In such a situation, quality and powerful digital diabetic neuropathy biothesiometer are invented to efficiently and fastly detect the vibration perception threshold. One can easily use this at home by connecting the device using digital connectivity tools means a data cable to connect with the computer and can also print the report directly. With this high-end technology, each one of us can easily detect diabetic neuropathy at the earliest time and safeguard ourselves from the pain and worse off situations. 

Importance of Quality Digital Biothesiometer

It is recommended to be very careful while purchasing a quality diabetic neuropathy biothesiometer as an effective, accurate, and reliable one can save you from the risk of neuropathy progressive situations. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Thus, be conscious and rightly invest in a quality biothesiometer.

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