Here’s all You Need to Know About Digital Biothesiometer

Currently, there are 463 million adults (20-79 years) living with diabetes. And the number is expected to increase up to 700 million by 2045. There are several health problems that emerge out as an after effect on diabetes. One amongst these is peripheral neuritis.

What is peripheral neuropathy?

It is described as a serious health problem that results in pain, numbness, and weakness due to nerve damage that can greatly harm one’s hands and feet. Generally, it is found in the patients suffering from diabetes. However, it can also result from injuries, infections, and exposure to toxins. With diabetics increasing at an alarming rate, there increases the demand for a top-notch quality Digital Biothesiometer. It is here, when we like to introduce you to- KildeMedic’s Biothesiometer.

KildeMedic’s Biothesiometer – The Most Accurate Neuropathy Biothesiometer

Being widely used, it is a digital instrument for detecting peripheral neuritis caused due to diabetes. It has been used worldwide for generating the most accurate reports. Providing you the same, KildeMedic stands amongst the leading producers and exporters of PC Based Diabetic Neuropathy Biothesiometer across the world. 

Use of a Digital Biothesiometer in Detecting Neuropathy

 A diabetic neuropathy biothesiometer determines the vibration perception threshold loss precisely. Attached to it is a tuning fork through which one can manually control the vibration levels required. Also, it comprises of a test key to cross-check the patient’s perception and can be attached to a computer to generate and manage reports easily.

According to a report, more than 20% of the diabetics suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Making use of a digital biothesiometer, this problem can be identified in its early stage and preventive measures can be taken accordingly. Moreover, a diabetic neuropathy biothesiometer also measures the marginal sensation & identifies the risk of foot ulceration in diabetes patients.

Features in KildeMedic’s PC Based Digital Biothesiometer

KildeMedic manufactures digital biothesiometers that not only generate accurate reports but are also easy to use. These have a Windows-based PC software system that lets you store and manage data and patient reports with ease. Plus, one can use them in multiple operation modes (Plantar & Penile) as per their need.

Besides this, KindleMedic’s Diabetic Neuropathy Biothesiometer has all the latest features such as:

  • 0-50 volts Digital Indicator
  • No probe indicator alarm
  • Robust and Modular Design
  • Report Sharing & Printing Facilities in different formats (PDF, Email, etc.)
  • Bluetooth & USB Connectivity 
  • Android Supported & Latest Windows-based PC Software
  • Record Key for Easy data transfer
  • Full solid-state and lightweight structure

Why Choose Our Digital Biothesiometer?

KildeMedic is widely known for manufacturing Competent & Economical PC Based Digital Biothesiometers. We deliver the best while charging the modest. Our company aims to manufacture digital biothesiometers that can identify the neurological diseases in their early phase. For this reason, we offer diabetic neuropathy biothesiometers that are checked and tested thoroughly by a team of highly-experienced professionals.

We manufacture our digital biothesiometers as per the international quality standards. KildeMedic is famous for always delivering its digital biothesiometers to the different corners of the world on-time. Also, one can buy our diabetic neuropathy biothesiometers at the lowest possible prices. So, if you are looking for the best biothesiometry solution to detect diabetic neuropathy, order KildeMedic’s Digital Biothesiometer now!

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